Change the heart icon

Dear Aigars,
Thank you for your great theme! Works very friendly for a social worker :slight_smile:

I looked around on the forum because i want tot change the heart on the blog page.

I tried this in the Theme options Custom CSS:

hr.section-divider:after {
content: “”;
top: -7px;
left: 50%;
right: 50%;
width: 70px;
height: 20px;
background: <i class=“fa fa-bullseye”>;

The heart is gone and the bullseye invicible :slight_smile:
Can you help me?

Thanks on forhand!

Gr. Petra

and just one more question that i can’t figure out.
I tried to use the Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes. If i activate the plugin the submenus are not working anymore. Probably simple to change but i can’t find how.


  1. To change heart icon to BullsEye you can use this code in Theme Options – Other – Custom CSS. You can choose icons from here:
hr.section-divider:after {
    content: "\f140";

  1. This is known issue with this plugin and you should configure plugin like this in order to make navigation to work again:

Thank you for the specific and great response, but… I have a little issue with the code:

hr.section-divider:after {
    content: "\f140";

Every time I change something else on the CSS edition area, the \ dissapears, and thus the pretty icon…

Is this my Wordpress config? Anything to do about this?

Thank you very much in advance

Hi @ggonmar,

It’s the known issue which will be resolved shortly.

In the meanwhile you can use the following plugin to use the provided CSS code.