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Hi! I am designing a brand new site and I’d like to change the font color of the site title and content (which appears to be more of a sub-title) on the home page. I’ve searched the forums and tried a few different approaches but none have worked. My hero image is light so the white type isn’t visible; I’d prefer dark gray or black. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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In reference to your query here, could you possibly provide us with a link to your site so that we can have a closer look into this.

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Thanks for the link.
In this case, could you try out the following CSS codes under the Appearance>Customize>Additional CSS section:

.image-bg h1 {
color: #000 !important;
.cover p {
color: #000;
.btn-white, .image-bg .btn, .image-bg .btn:visited {
color: #000;
.image-bg .btn.btn-filled {
background: #000 !important;
p {
color: #000 !important;

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Thank you so mich! It did work, and once I saw it I felt the black was too harsh so I played around with the colors a bit. Unfortunately the font color on other parts of the home page changed as well and no longer works. I’ve attached a few screen shots.

Screen shot 1 (hero image): The Text inside the gray button is no longer visible and the white button gets lost on the white background. Ideally I’d like both buttons to be gray with white type like the rest of the homepage.
In addition, is there a way to make the subtitle font a bit larger?

Screen Shot 2 (testimonial section): The title and the name are both white but the testimonial copy itself changed to gray. It’s unreadable and I’d like to change it back to white.

Screen Shot 3 (contact form): The type that changed to gray is hard to read on the dark background. I’d like to change it back to white.

Again, thank you - as a novice this is all a bit daunting and I so appreciate your help!

Would really like to get this fixed so I can move forward…thank you!

You can use the page-id class or category class to do that, please post a link to the site in question and try to explain a bit further what changes you are looking to make.

Thanks for sharing information…

Good morning! I’m sorry but I’m a beginner at this and have no idea what that means. I’ll gladly repost my site link for you here: and reiterate the changes I’d like to make in more detail.

Home Page (hero image/site title/subtitle):

  1. I’d like both buttons to be gray with white type and, when moused over, turn blue like the rest of the buttons on the home page.
  2. I’d like to make the subtitle font a bit larger.

Home Page (testimonial section):
Scroll down to the testimonial section (title is “Who has been inspired”)

  1. I’d like to change the font color of the testimonials to white. They are currently gray and unreadable.

  2. Home Page (contact form):
    Scroll down to the “Contact Me” section

  3. I’d like to change all the type that’s in gray to white.

  4. Ideally I’d like to change “Contact Me” that’s in blue to white.

Hope that helps. Thank you!

hi there

calliegvf wait a minute, i sorry to say but that’s not how support works, you posted a long list of the customizations questions, all of your questions is customization character for such request you need a freelancer to fulfill all your wishes, we can help you if you have problems with the theme, if something is not working as intended, or 1-2 questions about customization, you can see our policy about how support works:

sorry but if don’t keep this rules then support quality will be decreased

Hi. I apologize, the last thing I want to do is break any rules. All of my requests were due to font color changes as a result of a simple request that your team helped me with on 6/24, and if you read back through the message chain you’ll see that. I originally asked how to change the color of the site title and sub-title because my hero image is light and the white type in the template was unreadable. Unfortunately the CSS codes I was given also changed the font color in other places on my home page and now that type is unreadable. All I want to do is change it back to gray like it is in the template, while keeping my site title and sub-title a bolder color. I’m certainly not looking for any major customizations.


Yes, i can understand you but list many questions about changing the color of something disputed its easy falls to customization territory, I’m not saying you cant do this but please split your question into 2 or more tickets and it will be easier for us to answer, hope you understanding me :slight_smile:
“All I want to do is change it back to gray like it is in the template, while keeping my site title and sub-title a bolder color.” - you can remove CSS you applied and it will take original style, can you do that? otherwise, new css codes will not work

Hi! After many attempts I finally got this resolved. Thank you again for your help and i’m sorry for any confusion and for making too many requests in one ticket. :wink:

No problem at all :slight_smile:
you are most welcome here, if you have any question feel free and open new ticket :wink:

This is most likely a plugin incompatibility issue. I’m suspecting both the theme and Elementor are using the same JS script to generate that parallax effect, but we’ll investigate. McDVOICE

Hi @herecintedid75,
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As for compatibility issues, please consider involving the plugins’ support on it so as to easily identify the cause of the issue.

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