Changing font size and font weight?

I am so new to all this but I would like to increase the font size and font weight so text can be better seen. I understand how to find it but selecting and right click to inspect(im on a mac using chrome) and it will show me the font and weight locations. I noticed I can click the values and edit them which will give me a preview of what it would look like but obviously when I close the inspect box, the font returns to normal.

If someone could lay out a few newbie steps it would be mucho appreciated
Thanks for your time

Hi @quick31

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Yes, indeed, this is how inspector tools work, its impossible to store your changes on the website you are inspecting (Can you imagine if that was possible? :D)
here is a good video you to understand how to use it and how/where to save changes you made to the inspector:

You can use appearance > customize > additional css to store newly generated css code

now, regarding your question, In order to check your question i need to see your live website, please provide url and i will take a look

Colorlib Support Team

Great that cleared a lot up for me actually

one other questions on the shapely theme
I was able to edit the headers ie h1 h2 h3 font size and weight and was able to add a text-shadow as well

I also tried to adjust the text under those headers as I am using several parralax
I was semi successful doing the same as headers by using p, span {

What I noticed is that fixes all the text on the home page and my parralax’s look great however my other pages are now edited as well. How do I isolate a change to solely the home page? My newbie brain says to not use p, span and to edit each under header text group separately? If so how?


hey there

“How do I isolate a change to solely the home page?” - that’s really good question :slight_smile:
Wordpress will help you here, all pages has its own unique classes, if you inspect your page you will see body element has some unique classes, for example, home page has class “home” this is what you have to use if you want to separate your css code from other pages, something like this:

.home p {font-size:15px}

other pages have classes like this: page-id-XX
instead of XX you will see some numbers in the pages, this is a page ID’s, this is how you can get them:

let me know your progress :slight_smile: