changing hover portfolio

Hi there
I’ve tried to find a solution to this online and via the forum but I’m not quite getting there!

I want to change the hover/background when you hover over the portfolio images on my site as you can see (attached) what I have now isn’t working.

This is the code I’ve used:
I have tried this: .inner-title:hover {
opacity: 2;

Please help!


Can you tell us exactly what effect you’re trying to achieve, so that we can help you if that is possible.

PS: The maximum value for opacity is 1. CSS Image Opacity / Transparency

Let us know,


Hi there

Sorry if I wasn’t very clear!

The problem is that when you hover over the project, the name comes up but it’s not very readable. I was trying to find a solution for this.

I tried to change the background colour (a bit like this: Freelance WordPress Developer, London - Nuno Morais Sarmento) but couldn’t get that to work. I also considered adding the project name underneath each project, is that possible?

I have removed the project headings for now because you can’t read them properly: (but you can see how they looked from the previous screenshot).


Hey there

Please try this css:

.inner-title:hover {
    opacity: 1;
.inner-title.hover-reveal:before {
    background: rgba(43, 43, 43, 0.9);

Great, thanks so much, I had tried that before but was using ‘active’ instead of ‘before’!

is there anything else in this question?