Changing index.php afects my articles page


I made some changes to the index.php page that is my main page for the website, but when I went to see my articles page (by default) appeard with the changes that I made in the index.php.
How can I change the articles page? I want to see all my articles like a list

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The template that controls the articles/posts would be single.php, did you make changes to those?
Also, some aspects on the index template are shared among the other pages/posts so you may have changed one of those elements.

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I didn’t make any changes to the single.php I just change the index.php and add a loop for events too. And I’m using a child theme.

Here is my URL for you to check it out. - Index.php - here is suposed to be the news page but he looks equal to index.php,
every time I make a change in the index, affects the news page.

please help :frowning:

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I am not seeing anything in the noticias page, only the title. Does it have content on your end?

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I found a way to make it new and fresh using the wp query_posts.

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