Changing Logo Size

Hey, I have the same problem as many others seem to have, that the Logo Size is always cropped to 400 x 200. I didn’t find a solution to this problem, besides a plugin that is supposed to be attached to a reply but I cannot find the attachement. The plugin is called: plugin

Where can I download it? Or is there another way that my Logo is not being cropped?


Hi there

I just made a reply to your question in this thread:

If you want to stop logo cropping you can do this from the functions.pho file of the theme


Thanks for the reply! And how do I stop the cropping in the functions.php ?

I tried my best to change the functions.php to this here:

‘height’ => 432,
‘width’ => 1008,
‘flex-width’ => false,

and the logo is in a good size now, but is blurry even if I skip the cropping, and it is not responsive.

What can I do? Please help!

Hi there

Let me see it, please provide url of the website

Thanks! This is my website, don’t know if you can open it:

I am still in the very beginning and first want to check if I can solve this logo problem. I used Activello already some years ago for a website and it worked perfectly, I use the logo as a header, it is not cropped, very sharp and responsive. It was an old version of Activello and I am glad I never updated it.

Hi @GaiAlma

Im sorry, im unable to view your website: Screenshot by Lightshot do you know why is that?


I fixed it, the site was still in maintenance mode.

Ok, thanks for updating me :slight_smile:

Have a good day

Did you manage to have a look at my site now and have an idea how to fix the problem with the Logo/Header?

Hi there

Sorry, from what I understand I thought you fixed your problem.

Here is the screenshot showing that its a full size image is attached, without a crop?


Hi, I managed to fix the problem that my website was not public because it was in maintenance mode, but not that the Header/Logo is blurry and not responsive. No it is not cropped, that is not the issue. There are also problems with the responsiveness on some pages, but only on parts of the pages, like this one:

This is very odd. On other pages it works fine, like this one:

How can this happen and what can I do? Also the menu in the mobile version doesn’t work. Would be fantastic if you could help me.


PS: I fixed the mobile menu with a plug-in. But now I have to add another logo and it looks sh… Why can*'t it just be like in the old version of Activello? Like on my old website:

Everything is perfect there :frowning:

Hi there

Im sorry, but none of the links to your website is working, please check it


Yes I just tried to change sth in the Editor and now it is all f… :frowning: I cannot even enter my Admin site anymore. Help

So now the website should be working again, could you please have a look? I would love to use Activello, but if there are so many bugs I will have to find me another theme.

Hi there

Ok, now I see the website but what is wrong with the logo? i can see its crystal clear now with this size: Screenshot by Lightshot


The logo is as said already 5 times not responsive! It would be crystal clear if it was responsive, because than I could upload it in much bigger size, like on my old website, which I have posted here as well.

You posted a screenshot of my old website, exactly like this I want it to look on my new website:

I solved the problem by myself now, one has to add this code in the Additional CSS:

#page #logo img {
max-width: 100%;

I should become part of the support Team :wink: