Changing navbar breakpoints


I am looking to stop my navbar from going to two lines at 991px screen size and having it switch to mobile nav at that point… I just cant get it to switch… I have used the following media query but nothing happens and I saw a working example work with this query. When I inspect my code at breakpoint I see bootstrap.less I dont know how to create this file or where to place it in the child theme folder or if I even need it. My website is any help you can offer would be great, I am at a loss…

@media (max-width: 991px) {
.navbar-header {
float: none;
.navbar-left,.navbar-right {
float: none !important;
.navbar-toggle {
display: block;
.navbar-collapse {
border-top: 1px solid transparent;
box-shadow: inset 0 1px 0 rgba(255,255,255,0.1);
.navbar-fixed-top {
top: 0;
border-width: 0 0 1px;
.navbar-collapse.collapse {
display: none!important;
.navbar-nav {
float: none!important;
margin-top: 7.5px;
.navbar-nav>li {
float: none;
.navbar-nav>li>a {
padding-top: 10px;
padding-bottom: 10px;
display:block !important;


I have the resize working but now the collapse nav is broken when collapsed the nav extends beyond the bottom of container see attached image

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

The CSS that you added may be affecting the mobile menu, so you try temporarily removing it to see if that helps the menu.

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