Changing previous and next links

Hi agin,

I am back with a question regarding shapely (which I obviously like very much - thank you for the great theme!)

I want to change the previous / next Links in the single posts page in such a way, that it will only link to the next or previous posts of the same category.

I got so far, that I understand that I probably need to change the parameters for the “get_previous_post_link” and the “get_next_post_link” function. As I understand it one parameter would be “$in_same_term” which is “false” by default. I assume it needs to be set to “true”

Maybe this is not the right way to proceed, then I would need better advice. But if it is, I probably have to change some code in your template-parts/content.php

Could you please help me and provide some insight on how to accomplish what I want?

Thank you in advance for getting back to me, best regards,


Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
Martin, sorry but this is customization question, unfortunately, it’s out of the scope of the free support

Colorlib Support Team

Thank you for getting back to me. That is no problem and I totally understand it. I also guess I have found the solution …

Best regards!

@martin2812 thank you for understanding :slight_smile:
let me know if you have other questions in the new ticket, i will close this case now