Changing size of background image

This has to do with the Colorlib Login Customizer plugin, , and my site at

If you go to my site (at, if I haven’t found a solution, you might see that the top and bottom of a background image are cut off. It doesn’t look that way in the preview.

I experimented with things like scale image, without knowing what they mean, but that didn’t have an effect. I also tried making it so that the image I uploaded had more empty space at its top and bottom. I’ve been experimenting with the background-size CSS property. If that will work, is there code that I should put above and below background-size: 30%;? Should I use something else besides background-size:?

Thank you.

Hi there

Sorry, but you are not using our theme and I can’t replicate the problem you are reporting, please provide a screenshot and steps to replicate it

I’m going to try using

body .ml-container .ml-extra-div {
background-size: contain;


You may try to make that image smaller, it will also fix your problem