Changing size of caption text

Caption text in the Wordpress editor displays as a small font. However, when I view pages in my browser, the text is displayed the same size and colour as the main body text. Based on a post I read, I tried entering the following to my additional CSS but altering the font size has no effect.

.wp-caption .wp-caption-text {
font-size: 10px;

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let me see it, please provide link to the page with the problem

The pages aren’t public yet. I don’t want to put the username and password in the public domain. Can I share it privately?


We can refresh this ticket once you make it public, just make a reply to this ticket with the link and I will generate custom CSS for you, is this ok?
otherwise you may send your admin details in a private message here

I’ve been fortunate enough to find someone who knows how to find and interpret the wordpress and sparkling theme css and how they interact so we have cracked this and a few other items. The social media icons had a spurious padding that made the icons verticle lozenges rather than circles but we’ve fixed that. Changing qualities around the buttons is proving challenging. The other main thing we are trying to create is three columns in the footer to accommodate footer menu items. I created them in three lists and placed them in the footer widgets and that’s close to the way I would like to order them, it’s just that they should be in the footer.

It’s choosing colours for the hover and focus states on the buttons that are proving tricky.

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“The other main thing we are trying to create is three columns in the footer to accommodate footer menu items” - I need to see it, please provide direct website url and I will generate cusotm css


You’ll need user dev and password arttrail to see the page.

You can see how I have used the three footer widgets to place lists to act as footer links. Obviously I want to use the footer widgets in the way they were designed to be used. I would like to have three columns in the footer itself to do this. It would be great if you can provide the div labels so I can adjust line height, colours etc by adding my own additional css to the theme.


Right now you are utilizing only one footer column, please use 3 columns and let me check it again

Sorry. I can’t figure out how to find or create three columns in the footer. The menu editor gives me options on where to put menu content, but not how to divide footer into three parts. I’ve tried googling for answers on this and so far can’t find a solution.

I can see there are three ‘Footer widgets’ but we’re not talking about those are we? It’s the footer, which on my site is green and as I understand the theme, all I can do is allocate a single list of menu items to the footer.

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“I can see there are three ‘Footer widgets’ but we’re not talking about those are we?” - yes, we are talking about footer widgets :slight_smile: you need to utilize widgets

I’m sorry. I’m not getting this but thanks for sticking with me!

I have utilised the three available ‘footer widgets’ that are part of the theme. On the page I have created, footer widget 1 has a list of four lines, an image with a frog in it and two buttons labelled test. Footer widget 2 has a single line and footer widget 3 has a list with three lines and an additional line with ©Friends of the Parkland Walk. What I want to do is create columns in the actual footer itself and by that I mean the green area where I have currently allocated a menu. The interface offers two menu locations - header and footer, and its the location ‘footer’ that I want to break into three or ideally four columns. I would populate each column manually with lists rather than use the menu widget directing the menu to it. I searched for guidance online for doing this and a tutorial came up that shows what I want to do and how to do it. This is what I looked at: Use Widget Areas to make 3 column Footer in WordPress Theme - YouTube . He creates a new set of widgets and then links them into the footer.php. I would have given it a go but I couldn’t see how to access the folder structure that is shown in the video. Simon

Hi SImon

Sorry, but I think you still have lack of understanding of how widgets and works in WordPress :frowning:
let’s make it more simple, what I understand, you want to have 3 columns in the footer right?
to do this, simply utilize only 3 footer widget location (Not the widget itself) of the footer, that’s what I need to see on your website,

P.s. site is now protected and I cant see it anymore

Thanks. The only thing I can find in all the tools available is the option to put a menu in the footer location. There is no option anywhere to edit columns in the footer. Every article online on this talks about quite a bit of coding. I’ll get someone else to look at it.


Ok, please send me your admin details in a private message and I will do this for you


Thanks, that’s very kind of you. Is this thread private or is there a different way to send private messages?

No, dont post it here, just click on my name and you will see messaging option

Hi, did you get my email with the access details?


yes, and I already made a reply to you

I’ve scoured my email account and can’t see it anywhere. I’ll reply privately again. Thanks