Changing Transparent Button on Jumbotron


I am working on my site

I have been trying to change the transparent first button to a solid background of lime green #32cd32. I have tried a number of things I have found in the forums, but nothing is working. I would sure appreciate any help you can give, as the transparent button gets lost in the background image.


Lisa Harkins

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Please add this CSSĀ in appearance - customize - additional CSS

a.header-button-one {
background: #32cd32 !important;

Colorlib Support Team

What is the best way to unlock Jumbotron section?

I am using the most updated or current version and no third party plug ins. I have tried to use your support videos however due to the fact they have no audio and pause on video every few seconds to try to decipher visually what to do without the visual options shown or reading all answers in this forum, I am incredibly lost.

How is is possible you have videos without sound?

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The jumbo tron is locked in the theme, so it cannot be moved.
I am sorry but most of our videos are not narrated.

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