Charged for template again after one year

Hi, I was just charged again for the template I bought year ago. Could you please kindly reverse the charge and stop charging me annually?


Could I please have someone to look into?

I sent an email first but no answer (all transaction information are there),
I waited few days at it was weekend,
I contacted you on facebook but get redirected here
I created an account to be able to post
I still have no answer :frowning:

Is there any reason you charge again one year later for a template purchase?
Is there any way to contact you and solve the issue?

Thank you

Hi there

Most probably subscription was set to automatic renewal, you can initiate the refund process from your bank account and it will be confirmed from our side.


Hi, Thanks for your answer.
How do I do that? I called my bank and they said you have everything you will need to process the refund?


Ask your bank to start a refund form the back account, this is possible in every bank account


Thanks for your answer. Could you please kindly confirm that you will refund?

Refund sent. It can take up to 1 week for the payment processor to process it.

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