Chariter Template - Please help!

Hi, I am new to coding but learning fast with the Chariter template at the preview link above. On the “Cases page”, under “Sponsor a Child” box, I would like to change the red “Donate” button to read “Donate Books” for example, How do I change the formatting to wrap the text so that the words can be displayed in the red box as two words with “Donate” above “Books”?

Also, I would like to percentages to auto-calculate every time I update the amount in “Raised”.

Thanks in advance.

HI there

  1. Change the wording in your actuall template and if any problem appears share the link, we can fix it by custom css
  2. "I would like to percentages to auto-calculate " - This is only a html template, what you are asking for is a JS part that is not included and you have to crate it yourself