Checkbox style issue on Chrome

Checkboxes do not properly get checked when one option is selected using Chrome (mobile and desktop)… It looks fine in Firefox.

No matter if it is a ‘Multiple Choice’ list or a single ‘Checkbox’, styles do not show the field as checked/marked (See screenshot attached).

Talked to the guys from WPForms (the plugin I am using) and they said the issue had something to do with the theme styles. Tried 2 other plugins (Wufoo and Contact7) just to discard, but the problem persists no matter what plugin I use. The problem is even worse on Chrome for mobile.

Example: Cotización Empresas | Traductores Oficiales Colombia

Any help is highly appreciated.



Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I’ve tested the page on different browsers to confirm, the issue, however, I can’t provide you with a fix at the moment.
I’ll report this issue to the developer. You can follow up on the issue here:

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Thank you! I was wondering if there are any updates concerning this specific bug. The problem is still there and makes it impossible to use any forms requiring Checkboxes. I have been following the status of the issue on Github, but so far it seems no one is looking into it. Any other way to make this happen in the short term?