child theme broken after sparkling update to 2.3.5

I was using a Sparkling child theme created for me by @movin. After updating to Sparkling 2.3.5 the child them is broken - the right sidebar has disappeared, the header is off, etc. Can someone help me fix the problem?!

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Its hard to say what broke your theme, given the update.
Hopefully you can use the following plugin to roll back to the version of the theme before the update.

If you’re successful in rolling back the update and everything works fine, kindly make a backup of your website.

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Good morning,

I had an old version of theme files, which I reinstalled, so the website is good for now. However, does this mean I can never update the theme? Can you suggest a fix for the child theme that will make everything work with Sparkling 2.3.5 (or do you plan to correct in the next update)? I can upload the child theme if you would be willing to look at it.

thank you.

You can compare your child theme files with updated theme file and make necessary changes in your child theme files which are absent in them.

I’m sorry, I’m in charge of our library’s blog, but I have zero experience with coding, and don’t know what to look for in the files. You were very helpful in providing the child theme to me last year. I certainly understand if you don’t have time to look over the files for me, but I am uploading the child theme here just in case you can help! If you do not have time, I understand.

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I have resolved the issue in your shared child theme and attached updated child theme to this reply so please try using it.

Thank you for the file. It took me a while to test it, and unfortunately it isn’t right. The fonts are off and some of the customizations (added categories and tags to the posts) are’t displaying at all. I’ve decided to just stick with the original Sparkling theme for now. Thank you very much for your time and assistance!

@lisaac If i can be of any further assistance then feel free to ask.