Child Theme Colors Not Reflecting

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Background: I am new to wordpress, I have used the Travelify Child Theme given in the sticky post above on localhost, the purpose of using child theme is:

  1. I am using google fonts and I read that if I make any changes in the parent theme, it will be reset after upgrade thus I used following code in the child theme:
    <link href=“|Dosis” rel=“stylesheet”>

  2. I am making many changes in the css and I was not sure if using “Additional CSS” was the right option to make that many changes thus I am customizing of the child theme.

Problem: Many of the changes I made in the of the child theme reflects on the website, like layout size changes and fonts are appearing correctly but the changes in the colors are not reflecting. If I make the same changes in colors using “Customizing ▸ Travelify Main Options” then the changes reflect. The changes also reflect by using “Additional CSS” but it seems child is not overriding parent


  1. What is the solution for the colors problem?
  2. The reasons I mentioned for using child theme are good enough or should I stick to parent theme only?
  3. Changes in “Customizing ▸ Travelify Main Options” and “Additional CSS” stays if the theme upgrades or these are reset?
  4. Where is the css mentioned in “Additional CSS” saved? I tried to look for it in the theme folder but couldn’t find it.

Thanks in Advance!

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There appears to be a duplicate copy of this ticket which has been replied to already.
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