Chrome - jumbotron problem

I use illdy template for years and everything was great but few days ago I noticed that jumbotron section doesn’t work properly on my site.
What’s interesting, the problem is only on the chrome browser (web and mobile as well).

I use 7.4 php version.
Wordpress 6.4.3.

My website looks as on the screenshot:

Can you help me?

Hey there,

I see the problem, can you please send me the URL of the image that was assigned to the jumbotron section?

I look forward to hearing from you!



it was an original photo from the illdy theme:

But it’s not just a photo issue - menu and company name also doesn’t appear

Hi there,

I need the url of this photo from your website :slight_smile:


Well, I fixed it.

I was looking for the url of this photo - I thought that I’ll find it in jumbotron settings section.

There wasn’t any photo visible in my admin panel, so I clicked Backgrounds ant then “default” - and everything works :slight_smile:

The question is why is was always working properly in other browsers than google chrome.

Photo’s url:


Hey there,

Glad to hear that you resolved your problem :slight_smile:

“why is was always working properly in other browsers than google chrome.” - I cannot explain why; perhaps such a question requires further investigation.