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I want posts to appear in chronological order on the Blog Page, instead of reverse chronological order. I installed the Chronological Posts plug-in but it had no effect. Is there an easy way to reverse the order? Thanks.

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Sorry but there is no built-in option to change this default function, without template modification or third-party plugins i think this is not possible :frowning:

Thanks Noda. It appears that something in the Travelify theme is blocking any attempt to set chronological order. I tried three different recommended solutions, and none of them worked:

  • the Chronological Posts plug-in,
  • adding a short code of [display-posts order=“ASC”] to the blog page,
  • setting the URL of each post to the y/m/d format and adding ?order=asc.

Is there any way to nullify whatever it is in Travelify that seems to have effectively hard-coded the reverse chronology?

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i think none of your solutions are effective, the plugin can work with some theme while cannot with others, 2dn and 3rd solutions im not sure how or why hey should work
Sorry, but without major changes, this is not possible, if this is important for you then consider to use plugins for displaying blog posts, page builders etc

Okay, thanks Noda.

FYI, I got the 2nd and 3rd solutions from



Its and we are using hosted wordpress version here,

Thanks for pointing that out. I wasn’t aware that documentation for doesn’t apply to Wordpress in general.

It turns out that my issue with the Chronological Posts plug-in not working was because I had not designated the Posts page in Homepage Settings. Once I did that it showed all the posts in chronological order.

The downside is that it also now shows the Featured Slider on the posts page, which I would prefer to show only on the home page.

Thanks again for all your assistance.


“which I would prefer to show only on the home page.” - I can help with that, please show me link of the page where you want to see the slider and link to the page where you don’t want it to show

Thanks Noda. The two pages are: - home page where I want the slider but no blog posts (as it is currently working).
Travel Photo Journals - GC Journeys - the blog page where I’d prefer to not show the slider (currently shows the slider).

Related question: I have a second blog page at Travel Tips Blog - GC Journeys where I want to list only posts with the category “Travel tips”. The first blog page (/photo-journals) can be filtered by category with the Home Page Post Options setting, but I assume the second blog page will need some CSS code to do that. Let me know if I should post a separate thread for this. FYI for this page I want posts in reverse chronological order and no slider, as it is currently working.

Thanks again for all your help. I imagine it can be frustrating dealing with newbies! I’ve been using Joomla for many years but this is my first WordPress effort.

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  1. Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.blog section.featured-slider {
display: none;
2. Check if page allows showing only one category, im not sure if this is possible in this case if you want to show one particular category you can use default archive page:

Colorlib Support Team

Perfect! Thank you - both are now working as I wanted.


That’s great :slight_smile: I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!