Client Section Front Page Logo Carousel

The carousel is malfunctioning. It keeps going into a upright non-moving page with logos lined up vertically as opposed to the moving horizontal carousel. The links work, it’s just no longer a moving carousel. I noticed it seems to happen when I press ‘contact’ in the menu navigation. It’s happening randomly but enough for me to remove the site until it gets worked out. Thank you for your assistance. I will activate the site for your response.

Not sure if this code would effect the widget but this was added to Additional CSS to enlarge the logo.
.logo-carousel img {
max-height: 5em;

Thank you for any assistance you can provide!

Hey there

JUst checking this and i don’t know why but carousel is working just fine for me, i can’t see any issues with it

That was quick! It’s something sporadic, did you see the screenshots that I sent?

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I hope you are doing well today.

The carousel is working on my end too. Please clear your browser cache and reload the page or try using a different browser.

I used Google Chrome to view the page.

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