Client Section on Homepage

All of the sudden, I’m unable to completely add a second client section to my homepage. After loading in three logos, the customize tool loads the three logos in preview, but if I add any more logos it will not apply the settings. I have tried Save and Publish too, but it never completes saving or publishing. I’ve deleted the client section several times now, starting over, but it continues to happen.

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Based on your query, I’m assuming you could have add clients before.
Have there been any changes to your website in terms of new plugins, theme updates etc?
Also, please send the URL to your website so we can investigate the issue.

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Yes, I had two client sections before, and needed to add more logos to the “Participating Health Care Organizations” section. I updated the Shapely theme (running a child theme too) a few weeks ago. Otherwise, nothing new.

Password: NYDHA
Site is in development right now.

I was wondering if there’s a status update on this? Or if there are any steps I can try to resolve on my end?