Code stripped out of widgets

This is really getting ridiculous.

I’m now finding that when I enter html code to format content in the Illdy widgets, it’s stripped out as soon as I save the widget.

Some codes are saved – including <strong></strong> and < br/>. But any header or table code is stripped out as soon as I save the widget.

Surely you can provide widgets that allow us to save html!

You can easily check this behavior out on your end. So, please don’t ask me to send you a site link. Most of us are setting up our sites with localhost and have no links to share.


Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

I can notify our development team of this issue to have them inspect it and provide a possible solution for it in a future theme update.

Best Regards,


Illdy has good potential, but it’s far too inflexible and needs work to be a viable theme.