Coffee Break as WordPress-Template?


we have purchased the Coffee Blend Template, and the Customer has already agreed to the Design.
The Problem is that we wanted a WordPress Website, and this Template is a non-WP-Template. So what to do? I see 2 possibilities:

1.) If this Template exists in a WP version, we would need that instead

2.) If not, I might try to convert this Non-WP-Template into a WP-Template, I have done this before. But I am worried about the CSS, JS and Bootstrap parts and that they might interfere with WP itself. Would it be possible to runt his template in WP somehow? If yes: What would be the best practices for this Conversion?

Thanks a lot!

Hey there

thanks for asking

  1. I’m sorry but not, there is no WP version of this template
  2. well, this is totally up to you, there are different methods of converting HTML/PSD into a WordPress theme, personally, I start with one of the similar blank themes and converting it as a wp theme, some times I use page builder and custom CSS. However, you may use any method that you know and works for you

Thank you for your answer.
I am a bit worried about the CSS, JS and Bootstrap parts of the theme and how they might interfere with WP itself. How to avoid this interfering?

Well, this is a working process, if this happens you have to solve it somehow, this is not a standard question so I can’t answer it, this really depends on the case, maybe you can change classes, maybe you can not load them and use WordPress style, its up to you your knowledge :slight_smile:

Well…yes…I know it’s up to my knowledge. It’s always like that before I contact support.
I was hoping to get a few bits of your knowledge…