Collapsing posts on blog page

Hi, Me again… I would like to just see the featured image and a preview of the blog posts on the blog page. How do I collapse the content so it doesn’t display the full blog.
Blog – JB Consulting (no longer under construction.

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Go to Settings > Reading >For each article in a feed, show and select summary to have the feed use a summary instead of the full post.

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Hi there, Thank you but it didn’t seem to change anything… Each article is still listed in full on the blog page Blog – JB Consulting

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In that case, could you kindly provide us with temporary admin access to your WordPress Dashboard so that we can have a closer look into this.

You may create a new administrator user within your WordPress Dashboard using your email address. You may then copy the login credentials to us in your reply.

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Username is Colourlib temp, password is hGSYFy&J&*6q4PndDvpLkR3G.
Please advise when you’ve finished and I’ll delete you as a user.

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You have to use read more tag in the posts or excerpt, these are WordPress default functions

I’ve used the more tag in Wordpress exactly how they said to in the video you linked to. It’s now cutting the article off where I want it to but there is no “read more” or “continue reading” tag so the article just cuts off abruptly. How does the reader continue reading?

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The button should appear regardless but please try using an excerpt instead of the read more tag for one post to see if that helps.

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This is getting frustrating. I don’t have an option to use an excerpt. The excerpt box doesn’t appear anywhere on the page. You have log in details to see the back end of my site. Could you please use them to see what’s going on and then tell me how to fix it rather than offering a solution that isn’t available and losing another day in solving the problem. Thank you.

Hello, do you have any suggestions on how I could fix this problem?