Colorlib company information

I cannot find any company identification information regarding “Colorlib” nowhere on the site.
The terms of service document does not contain required data, nor privacy statement.
The Invoices do not contain “Provider” company information either.

The Wyoming business register does not recognize “Divilab LLC” purpotedly responsible for running as stated in website footer.

Kindly provide exact information on company running
thank you

Hi @ahulman

Please use the contact form on the main website to contact the appropriate person, im just a support agent and I can’t answer this question.


Hello colorlibsupport, I already DID use the form, but to no avail. No response.

I understand you are a support agent, but you should actually know who you work for too, right? :slight_smile:


Please try again, I’m sorry, there is nothing I can
Yes, you are right but in some freelancing agreements, such details are not always important :wink: