ColorLib Licence CC3.0 "Adapt for Financial Use"

Hi there, you’ll have to forgive me as I’m not well versed in licensing, but I am trying to develop a website for a friend who is paying me to build it, now which I originally would have done from scratch, but now he has seen colorlib templates which he likes and would like me to build ontop of that…

Can someone define whether this is ok within the licence, now CC 3.0 says you can adapt and use financially, which obviously all the content of the pages and images ect would be changed, wheras most of the layout would remain similar ect.

I don’t think this is allowed, but I want to check so I can tell my friend

Forgive me if this feels like a silly or repeat question.

Sorry I should clarify, that by use financially, I mean recieve payment for constructing the website, IE modifying the body of text, modifying the colour’s / images, adding some jquery. Slight modification of the CSS to meet specification ect.

Does that count as modification enough to recieve payment if built on top of the template ? of course with original credits included.

Something like “This website was built ontop of a colorlib template”

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This is a valid question, please have a look at our licensing page here for more information:

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Thank you support, but I can see that its under CC3.0 which allows modification and use of modification commercially… however what do you consider modification rather then general resale of template?

And if modifying a template for someone else, is that still able to be taken as paid work ?

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“however what do you consider modification rather then general resale of template?” - Modification means any kind of modification, if you need more details on how this license works please google it because im also not an expert in this thing :slight_smile:
“is that still able to be taken as paid work ?” - Of course yes, its the item that is licensed and not you and your time :slight_smile: