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I recently downloaded the Colorlib search 23 bar and I was able to embed it into my site. I found that the top padding or spacing was way too much. How can I solve this?

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Can help you, but please provide url of the page

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Hi, thanks for the reply…

The link to my page is TG IT AND MEDIA | Website hosting, email hosting and reseller | New Page 9

and I also wanted to know how to make the button work for when the user presses ‘Search’

I want to put this form action in:
form action=“Shopping Cart - TG IT AND MEDIA” method=“post”>
Find your Domain: input type=“text” name=“query” size=“20” /
input type=“submit” value=“Go” /

Hi there any update about this. Thanks.

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Sorry for the delay,
Padding can be fixed by this css code:

.s130 form {
padding-top: 10vh;

In order to make that button work you need to implement search functionality, no such function is included in the theme and you have to implement it yourself

Thank you for the reply will give it a try…i do have a form action code I wrote but not sure which line or after which code to out it into. Any advice.

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Sorry, but usually we are unable to support questions about the customization, basic knowledge of HTML is necessary to work with html templates, I can only redirect you to the tutorials in the web if you want it

Yes please that would help me.


This is probably the best HTML tutorial: