ColorLib Web Template's release date


I have serious doubt about WebTemplate release date. I have been using Colorlib since several years and I have noticed template release dates are updated.
How do you set this release date ? Why is it updated ?
My main concerns is about the functionnalities and the libraries used, How to make sure that the template don’t use outdated library and functions.

If I download a template like Glamour for example (Glamour - Fashion Brand Website Template 2024 - Colorlib) I can clearly see that it was not release in January 2024. The problem is that you don’t know before you download the template…
I noticed also that a lot of template, have the release date set to January 2024 which mean you did a lot of release in January 2024… (I obviously don’t know all the templates so I can really judge)

This lead to another question, do you often propose new content in terms of Web template ?

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I’ve also noticed inconsistencies in the release dates of Colorlib’s templates. How are these dates determined and why are they updated? My concern lies in ensuring the templates use current libraries and functions. For instance, the release date of the Glamour template seemed inaccurate upon downloading. Can you shed light on the frequency of new web template releases? Thanks.

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Templates may be updated when bugs are fixed or when a library in the template is updated. You may also notice a date update if we modify the text of the template.

I hope it’s clear now, let me know if you have further questions.



Thank you for your reply/
I am assuming that when you update your template copyright text to “Copyright ©2024 All rights reserved | This template is made with <3 by Colorlib”, all your template release dates are then updated to JAn 2024…

I am assuming that it is based on source code modification.

Can you at least add the model creation dates? Or don’t update the publication date for this type of update (simple text change).

This is to enable customers (including me) to know when the template was created and the level of maintenance it has had since that date. We’re buying lines of code (with all the respect to your web design work), which means that something that was created 5 years ago and hadn’t been maintenained is totally different (from quality perspective) than something that has been updated or created within the last 3 months.

Thank you for your support, best regards

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