Colour Testimonials

Hi there! First of all, congratulations on Illdy Theme. It’s great!

I was looking for information round here to change the background color of testimonials area, but only found this:

#testimonials .section-content .testimonials-carousel .carousel-testimonial .testimonial-content{
background-color: #ffbd4a;
#testimonials .section-content .testimonials-carousel .carousel-testimonial .testimonial-content:after{
border-color: #ffbd4a;

With this code, I was able to change the background of the space where the testimony is written, and the small rectangle just below it. But I could not change the main background, which remains purple.

I’d appreciate it if you could tell me how to change it. By the way, I’m using CSS plugin.

Thanks in advance!

I can help if you’re able to publicly provide your URL, if not Illdy support will have to have to help you.

Hello @mybrewery,

The little arrow was the challenging part, so I’m glad you got that fixed.

To deal with the section background color use this CSS code:

#testimonials {
    background: red !important;

Let me know if you got it alright.


PS: Thanks @pdbystrom for the pro-activity :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Ion,

I saw that code in another conversation on the forum. If I copy that code I can change the background to red. The problem is that I want to change to another color (# ffbd4a), I found is called “Golden Tainoi”. But when I change that code “red” to “golden tainoi” does not recognize, and the background remains purple. I guess not recognized as a color, and perhaps this code is only for the basic colors (red, blue, yellow, etc).

Any idea how to fix it?


You should just use the color code instead of red:

#testimonials {
    background: #ffbd4a !important;

This should do the trick!


It works perfectly. It was easier than I thought.

Thank you very much. And congratulations again by Illdy theme.


That’s great, I’m happy that you got everything alright.

Also thank you very much for the kind words, we are doing our best :slight_smile: