Coming Soon Template by Colorlib V01


I downloaded this coming soon page

for my website but the issue is the counter is starting from the same time every time I reload the page. What changes should I make so that the counter doesn’t reload and go on even if the user has reload the page.
It uses moment-timezone.js


hey there

You have to make changes in the main HTML At the bottom you will see something like this where you must make changes:

		/*Set Endtime here*/
		/*Endtime must be > current time*/
		endtimeYear: 0,
		endtimeMonth: 0,
		endtimeDate: 35,
		endtimeHours: 18,
		endtimeMinutes: 0,
		endtimeSeconds: 0,
		timeZone: "" 
		// ex:  timeZone: "America/New_York"
		//go to " " to get timezone


Thanks for the reply. That part of the code is working but the problem is every time the page gets reloaded the time starts from the beginning of what I’ve entered and not continues from the current time.
Please help me with that issue.