Comment box is not showing up under posts


I’ve scoured this forum to see if other Sparkling users had trouble with this, but I wasn’t able to find successful solution. For some reason the comment box isn’t showing up under any of my posts. I’ve checked and unchecked disable and enable boxes over and over, so I’m resorting to it being a bug in the theme. I’m not sure. I just need help asap :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!!!

Micaela Stein

Hi Micaela Stein,

Sorry to hear of the problem you are having.

I have tested it on my test site and it’s working fine for me using latest version of Sparkling theme.

Please make sure to check the option “Allow people to post comments on new articles” in your site Discussion Settings as described on this page Settings Discussion Screen « WordPress Codex

Also make sure to enable comments in the posts edit screen as described here Comments in WordPress « WordPress Codex

Best Regards,