Comment Thread Plugin

Hi, I’m trying to insert a reply buttom to my thread comments and can’t get it.

Wich plugin should I use?


*Reply buttom

For comments you can use Disqus or some other commenting platform but your description is slightly confusing. This theme does support threaded comments by default as you can see on our theme demo:

You can also set number of level for threaded comments via WordPress dashboard - Settings - Discussion - “Enable threaded (nested) comments [number] levels deep”.

I am not sure how many levels it can handle but 5 should be just fine.

Aigars, sorry for the mess.

I had a plugin for thread comments on my former site version. Even with that plugin unninstalled, threaded comments were not working and I really don’t know how or why.

But after you answer my question, I re-uninstalled and went to discussion settings and checked the field about thread comments. It’s all OK now. Working!

As I had a very old wordpress installation, I didn’t know about this settings.

Thank you very very much for the theme and the answer!