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Great theme! The only question I have with the theme that I’m having an issue with is, Is there a way to make the Buddypress comment box or reply box show up? Comments are enabled on both wp and bp. When a user goes to reply or comment on a status on the activity page it brings the page down slightly like they will be able to comment but a comment box does not appear. It will allow comments and replies on pictures.

Thank you for a great theme.

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
let’s check f this is a theme related problem or not, please activate one of default WordPress theme and repeat your problem, let me know what happens
Colorlib Support Team

Thank you for the quick response! I have switched to the stock theme and the comment and reply box show up with the “Twenty seventeen” theme. I then did a fresh install of wordpress then only installed Buddypress and Illdy theme. Still when you go to comment on someone’s activity or group activity the box will not populate.

The strange part is if you post a status and then reply to that status before your page refreshes it will load the comment box (where to type) and you can reply unlimited. but once you switch pages and come back it will no longer bring up the box to comment but will drop the page slightly like it did load it.

I attached two pictures one is of the two places you click which will not load the box on Illdy, The other picture is on the stock theme the box loading.

Also, I hope you are having a good day also, thank you.

Hi Jesse,

Can you give us the website address and the step by step steps to re-create the issue, so that we can try the same in our local and help you to fix the issue, it seems a theme bug, you said it is working in default theme so.

Let us know,