Comments still showing after disable it

hi, not sure where i am doing it wrong here. created a post yesterday and untick the comments in the screen options section, and the comments are still showing.

i don’t have this problem with other posts. Not sure if the version has changed or updated? it’s been a while since i posted something.

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I see nothing unusual on the screenshot, discussion and comments are disabled and they are not visible on the page, i see only excerpts box,

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I 100% agree. but why are the comments still showing then ?


Well, several things must be changed and i will suggest to verify them by this link:

Hello i have read through the article. Discussion is definitely not ticked, as you can see in the screenshot, and comments is not ticked too. Is this a bug with wordpress or with Travelify theme ??

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Please try using this plugin to disable the comments:

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