Compatibility with older iPhones?


A client using the Unite theme has come to me and said there have been some issues on their site using the Unite theme. This included the menu drop down not working (which I believe I saw a topic about elsewhere on the forums, but have put in a quick fix of my own), but also that clicking on the links in the menu doesn’t take them anywhere.

After a lot of back and forth the only thing I can think of that’s causing the issue is their device (iPhone 6). Myself and several others have all tested on desktop and mobiles and we can’t see the issue, this apparently is also not a caching issue as I have asked the client to clear theirs/use private browsing on Safari, but the issue still persists.

Does anyone have any idea if not this, what could be the cause? I believe the client is worried everyone else is encountering the same behaviour so they’re very eager to get this “fixed”.



You are missing the closing bracket at the end of the first rule, check this image: Screenshot by Lightshot