Configure Blogpost messages to Subscribers


i need help with the blogposting function in the design sparkling.

The Attachments show that i havent the function that the subscriber can get a message for all new blogposts.

And in the Other picture is the function already possible.

If i need a other plguin for that please give me the name of it.

Thank You.

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
What i see on the screenshot is only default comment form, this is not the form for sending blog posts for subscribers,
anyway, such thing is not in the theme and without third-party plugins (WHich i cant suggest) this is not possible and such feature is not in the theme because themes cant handle such features by default

Colorlib Support Team


i think it was because it is in the comment section from the theme.

Thank you.

Have you got an idea what plugin can do it?

At the moment i didnt find any plugin that shows it under the comment section.


No, sorry but no, you have to research your question in the internet
Is there anything else?

ok thanks

You are welcome :slight_smile: