configure featured slider for Dazzling theme step-by-step tutorial

Hi there forum support,
I’ve tried to find it on your forum but I’m stuck. I trie to get the slider on my pages but can’t get it done. I see you have an terrific state of feedback on your support forum so I hope you can help me asswell.

I’ve changed the home page to an static page. Hereby the sidebar disapeard. Therefor I’ve changed front-page.php (
So I hope that doens’t makes the different.

I’m quite new with WP, don’t have any php experience but I do have knowledge of html.

I was looking for a step-by-step manuel for getting the slider working.
I cloudn’t find any how took me by the hand but I’ve got some pieces.

As first I create a new Categorie (called home-slider)
Then I create a new Post. Here I don’t know what to do exactly. I’ve created a new post with a line of text and insert an image. I’ve changed the ‘Type’ to image but also made a new post set as ‘Standard’. I thought, that would be it.

As I check the homepage I see that there is an connection. The text is visible but I don’t see the images.
Also the location is a bit off.

I would like to have an slider on every page. Is there an code which I need to add, what and where on which page?

I hope you can help me out with this .

Thanks in advance!

Best regards
Jolanda Goos
The Netherlands


Thank you for your positive feedback! I really appreciate it.

  1. The main thing that you are missing here is that images that are used for slider and not regular images inside post content but featured images. You can find more information about how to use featured images for WordPress by reading official documentation.

  2. To make slider visible on all pages you can follow this simple guide.