Conflict between Polylang and Randomising uploaded headers

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I recently installed the plugin Polylang and I can see that it interferes with the Randomising uploaded headers functionality in the Customising ▸ Blog Options ▸ Blog Archive Header Image section of the theme, not uploading any images at all. If I select a single image (not randomising) it works fine, but otherwise, the functionality stops working in all blog pages.

You can see that there is no address in the url when inspecting with the javascript console:
<header id=“header” class=“header-blog” style=“background-image: url( );background-attachment: fixed;”>…</header>
Here is the link to where the conflict is happening in my website:

Is there anyway to get this feature working while using Polylang?


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Thank you for pointing that out, at the moment I don’t have a ready solution at the moment.
I’ll submit the issue to the developer.
You can follow up here.

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Thank you for your response. I will follow up on it.


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The problem is on single post? Because the option for random images is applying only on the blog page where blog posts are listed.

Hope this helps.