Contact background image

Hi Colorlib,
The widget “[Shapely] Contact Section Form” isn’t loading the background image, nor is it retaining my business address. I’ve attempted uploading a pdf and alternate jpg media file without it appearing on the thumbnail view or the actual site. When I hit “Publish” to attempt to save, I get the note “Unable to save due to 1 invalid setting.” I’ve attempted to install and activate the plugin Enable jQuery Migrate Helper, but it did not help. I don’t want to use the contact form, just have the parellax image scroll under my contact info. This was working the way I described (about 2 weeks ago?), then messed up and lost my background image (an local aerial map with streets named) and address.

Please help and THANK YOU!

Hey there

The problem is that your server is not downloading this picture of yours:

Try to upload something else and attach it again :wink:

Hi Noda,
I’ve attempted that and the image as well as the address does appear on the site. When hitting the “publish” button, this message continues to appear: “Unable to save due to 1 invalid setting”.


Ok, in this case try this css code:

#shapely_home_contact-2 {
    background-image: url(;
    background-size: cover;

It can be added in appearance > customize > additional css

Thank you. I believe you solved it!