Contact Form 7 has disappeared

Since you guys have disappeared and left me with my issue unresolved, I thought maybe I should I start a new ticket. You can refer to my previous post for the details and where I was left hanging.

I have noticed the option to select ‘contact form 7’ under the ‘customise theme’ option does not stay ticked. Once ticked it doesn’t ask me to publish.

Things seem to go wrong after you issue theme updates. This time my contact form has disappeared and my language switchers disappeared too. Thankfully a technician at WPML was able to assist me privately to restore the switchers. However, he said the code that was written to enable icons at the top of the page (using Pixova Lite Child theme) was wiped, possible as a result of the theme update.

Please can you help me get the form back and I will tell my client to NOT update the theme in future since it causes too many problems. Thank you.