Contact form v20 button inconsistent between computer and mobile

On my computer, the button is so small as to not even see but 3 letters, but on a mobile device, the entire word “SEND” shows up. I’ve tried changing this in the style.css and in bootstrap.min.css, but nothing is changing. Here’s the page: Contact Us. I’ve looked at all the suggestions offered in the blue links to the right of my message here, but none of them address this topic of inconsistency. I’ve looked at it on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge and the button looks wrong on all of them. Curiously, from a mobile device, when I request a browser, it looks fine. Any thoughts?
Thank you!

Hey there

You can fix it by this custom CSS: {
    width: 90px !important;

Thanks! Do I put code in the page itself, or in the style.css? Will it override all of the bootstrap code? Thank you so much!


You can put it anywhere you want :slight_smile:

Probably at the and of the main CSS file


Feel free to place it wherever you prefer! Consider adding it at the end of the main CSS for seamless integration. This placement ensures smooth execution and avoids potential conflicts with other CSS rules.

let me know if you need any other assistance :slight_smile: