Contact Form Widget forcing Kali Forms only (broke my Contact Form 7 link)?

I was recently updating some images on my website via the customizer and then all of a sudden the “Contact Us” Homepage Widget seems to have broken.

Before updating my images, I had a Contact Form 7 form that was working fine (and had been for months).

After updating the images, now where normally you could select the desired Contact Form (or input shortcode, I forget how it was), it is now forcing the option “Install Kali Forms”.

If I install Kali forms I could then set the homepage form to a Kali form if I were to set it up, but I still cannot select my preferred Contact Form 7.

Any ideas?

hey there

Ok, let me check it, please use this plugin to create temporary access for us, its automatic login link and does not requires sharing your admin details. here is How To guide. at the and don’t forget about  “Set as private reply” at the bottom of the message box

I can set that up.

Just a few questions. ( I left this to a public reply since the answers could be helpful for others potentially?)

1.) To set a temporary user I need to input an email. Do you want me to use [email protected] that the form replies are sent from or a different email?

2.) For user type, is “Editor” OK, or do you need a higher level?

Thank you for helping.

Hey there

no, just use your mail address, i need it for temporary use, just one time and set admin role only

Thank you for your reply.

Here is a link:

When I check in the customizer (Or via Widgets), there isn’t a pulldown menu to select a contact form as there used to be instead there is a non-clickable text that says “Install Kali Forms”

Here is the shortcode of the ContactForm 7 that I was hoping to have at the bottom of the homepage. (It was there for around a year now, and all of a sudden isn’t?!?!?).

[contact-form-7 id=“407” title=“Home”]

Thanks in advance, and if I need to do anything else, please let me know!

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Sorry, we moved our forms from contact form 7 to Kali forms, we think its better than contact form 7, can you please install Kali forms instead? right now there is no option for Contact form 7

Thank you for checking into this. I’ll install Kali forms to use on the homepage.

Hey there

Is this problem fixed? :slight_smile: do you need any assistance?


So I understood that you were basically just saying I had to use Kali forms on the homepage and I can’t change it.

But, I used to have Contact Form 7 form there before (and it is on all my other pages), and now that is broken on my homepage.

I have been trying to get Kali forms to work but have not been able to yet.

Is there any way I can adjust some code to override this back how it was and use the shortcode from my preferred contact form instead of being forced to use Kali?

Hey there

Yes, you can do this from the Shapely companion plugin, there is no restriction in code modification

I have had the Shapely Companion plug-in installed since setting up the site, but I still cannot change the form I want.

For my homepage - Contact Widget, the only form it is allowing is a Kali form. It will not let me use a Contact Form 7 like it used to.

For almost a year I have had a Contact Form 7 form set to successfully run from the Contact Widget section of the homepage.

Now, that form doesn’t work.

I was hoping there was a code snippet you could give me to edit a file allowing me to go back to using Contact Form 7 which I prefer to Kali forms (and also matches the forms on the rest of my pages).

Does that line of questions make sense? Do you understand what I’m asking for or do I need to clarify something additional?

Lucas, I fully understand your position, owner of the theme decided to go with the Kali form, if it’s not working you have to contact Kali form support here: [Contact Form builder with drag & drop for WordPress - Kali Forms] Support | if you want to still use contact form 7 you can do this by modification theme, files you need to modify are in the SHapely companion plugin, this is a free theme and you can modify anything you want

Sorry for this experience Lucas

I too am having the same problem, I used to have Contact Form 7 but now being forced to use another plugin. I was happy with Contact Form 7 and it is easier to setup than Kali Forms which has proven too much time to configure and I have run into issues with it. I submitted a ticket to Kali Forms yesterday and I have had no response. So my thought process is to move to a new theme that will work with Contact Form 7. Are there any other forms that work with Shapely? Regards

Hey there

I just reported this problem to Aigars, sorry for this inconenionce guys, I hope this will be fixed as soon as possible