Contact form

I downloaded and installed the theme shapely to use as a one page business theme.
I used the demo content and wanted to add a contact form in the contact section widget, but it does not work.
If I add the shortcode in one of the text forms the shortcode ends up on the page.
But I guess you should not do that, I just tried. What I really wanted to do is to put it on the right, because on the left there is the phone and adress, and then a big empty part on the right that seems very appropriate for a contact form.

This widget says that I should install contact form 7, I guess that is an old message, since the Kali forms is suggested by the theme? Either way, I tried with contact form 7 and that did not work either.

How are you supposed to put a contact form in the contact widget? Seems to be a normal thing to do.

I forgot to mention that I use WP v 5.4 fresh install with php 7,2

I answer myself… In shapely-companion/inc/widgets/class-shapely-home-contact.php around line 120 it’s hardcoded
echo do_shortcode( ‘[contact-form-7 id="’ . absint( $contactform ) . ‘"]’ );
That is a bit strange since you provide kaliform with the theme… This has to be regarded as a bug.

I changed it to the kaliform shortcode that got created by the companion plugin, but this is not a good solution…

A question, in that file the widget gets called with $instance… where does that come from? I.E where does the contactform id in $instance come from? I guess it gets fetched from the db somehow? How can I find and change that?

I have Version: 1.2.8 of the theme, and that seems to be the latest

Hello Joje

Sorry about that, this problem is already reported, we just need to wait for fix from the developer, Kali form problem · Issue #296 · ColorlibHQ/shapely · GitHub
unfortunately, I cant provide more detailed report since I’m not a developer