Contact Me Session - add new social media

Hello there,

Pls, I’d like add Whatsapp and Skype in Social Media area. How Can I do it?
And/Or… How can I change field ‘Phone:’ to ‘Phone/Whatsapp:’

Thanks in advanced

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
Sorry but without customization of the theme this is not possible :frowning: i can help you to change one of the social icons to WhatsApp but this is not enough because WhatsApp and Skype have numbers instead of link

Colorlib Support Team

Hello Noda, thanks!

If just I change the Social icons, I can use a link for whatsapp:<number> - it’s will work fine.

How can I change the social icon?

Good evening

use one of the social icons you are not going to use, add whatsapp link and provide link to your website here i will create custom css for you

Thank you!!!
I’m waiting CCS to change social icon.

Good morning

Sorry but i can’t do this without your website :slight_smile: