Contact page not submitting ;

Despite contact_process .php edited with the appropriate email to receive messages, yet the Contact page has not been submitting nor show indication for successful messages delivery.
; Datacenter Technologies| Multicloud Solutions Provider

Hi there

Can you please share a screenshot of the contact_process.php file?
Is that file integrated by you in the theme? usually, we don’t have it in the template

Please find the screenshot of the contact_process.php file?
Infact the Solmusic purchased has a similar issue, though as yu said there was no contact_process.php file in the template.

The contact_process.php file was included in the purchase from Colorlib

Most of the HTML templates are without a mail processor file, in this case, try to reach your hosting support and ask them why form data are not processing, as I can see you have all set up normally done and it should work, the problem might be in your hosting environment as well, so, please check it

Thank you. We are waiting for the hosting reply

ok :slight_smile:

Have a good Christmas’s :slight_smile: