Contact Section For FrontPage Background gone

Hi, I tried to use the Contact Section For FrontPage from Shapely, but when i published out, is like this:

The “contact us” part and the part of background behind it has gone, only the below part has shown with background. may I know how to fix this?

Hey there,

May I take a closer look? please always include URL of the page in the ticket.

here is the URL.

during admin view, i can see the “contact us” part with the background. but after i published, i couldn’t see that already

Hey there

I can see the contact section and contact form: Screenshot by Lightshot

Is this already fixed or did I miss something?



I’m not sure about that, as the issue comes up intermittently. Should I take any action to make it more stable, or does it only occur in the admin view?

Hey there,

Can you please share the screen record of the problem? I can’t replicate the problem.