I am trying to test ContactForm_v7 and set onto my website.
I understand most BUT, can not see where i put my email address for the forms to be sent to.
i have search all the files and there is nothing i can see that allows this.
Am i being stupid??

Hey there

They have documentation here, please take a look: Docs | Contact Form 7


Thanks Noda

what i didn’t realize is that you have to do this using wordpress
i have spent a lot of time with my website and do not want to rewrite it all
when i load wordpress on my control panel it overwrote all mine putting in the wordpress template, i tried many ways but cannot import my site completely.
i am looking just for a contact form that will either lock into my site else one that i can clone from

thanks again


hey there

IM sorry but your question is not clear for me, what is your problem? what do you want to achieve? is anything in the theme not working?
An only general description is not enough, please be more informative

Sorry Noda
All i wanted was help in contactform_v7 with where do i put my email address??
the doc that you pointed me to was not any good, it works only in wordpress
so i can not use


There are many tutorials in the web including original documentation on how to use contact form 7 plugin, How to Set Up Contact Form 7 (For Beginners)

Please note, this is not our product and you may find a solution in the web much faster