Content too wide for screens


I was trying to fix some issues and updated the theme in the process. I am having trouble with the following issues:

  1. Content is too wide on desktop and mobile.
  2. How to center logo.
  3. Remove “Skip to content” in top left corner.

jac(-)kieru(-) without dashes

Thank you in advance.

Hello Jackie

Thank you for your questions :slight_smile:

  1. Where can I check this? I cant see this problem on your site give me a reference, please
  2. Your logo is already centered??
  3. You can use this css code to hide it:
a.skip-link.screen-reader-text {
    display: none;


Hi Noda,

I shrank everything on the home page to keep it from spilling over on the desktop version as an interim fix. Please visit the page Weddings. All of the pages spill over on mobile. It seems like I need a CSS for max or min width? Do you have any suggestions?
The logo is slightly left of center at the moment. Perhaps once the page width is addressed it will be centered. I am currently using
.site-branding {
margin: 0 auto;
float: none;
Thank you. That removed Skip To Content.

Thank you,


Are you asking about the Galleries section?
please provide a better reference to the problem :slight_smile: also, you have to consider, the page that is built by page builder may cause some problems if you are not properly using it, in this case, you have to contact page builder support since its triggered by the page builder

Hi Noda,
I have attached screenshots of my mobile device. The logo and pictures are cut off. One scrolls to the right to see the rest of images. In a mobile view, you should not have to scroll from side to side. This is also the case on the desktop version. I have attached screenshots where you can see that images are cut off to the right and there is a scroll bar at the bottom. You should not have to scroll from side to side on the desktop version either.
I am not sure what you mean by Page Builder.
Thank you,

More mobile images attached.

Trying again.

Hi Jackie

Please note, all your indicated problems are coming from the page builder, i would recommend contact plugin author first,

I can also offer this solution, please add this CSS code in appearance > customize > additional css:

img {
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;