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only my website, I would like to create a personal section for every team member where one can all the articles of the contributor selected.

How can I do that?


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Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to add a link to the contributor’s page within the Team Member section. I tried adding a link in that description area, however, HTML code isn’t allowed in those fields.

In order to get links to the pages with posts from each user, you could use the link below and just replace the username at the end of the URL shown below (along with your domain of course) and you have that page created already.

Maybe you could add a text widget directly after the team member widget with buttons that lead to each team member’s page.

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That looks like a good solution! However I am not able to create it as an hyperlink (there is just no clickable test-no hyperlink recognized). Should I use come css or a shortcode?


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Ahh, yes. I keep forgetting that those front page sections don’t play at all with hyperlinks, well, except for the About Us section. That section takes hyperlinks but that may not be of much use sadly. :frowning:

You may have to move that idea to another page and drop it on the menu. It’s going to take a bit more work but that’s just about the only way I think it could work.

Sorry about the inconvenience. You could add hyperlink support as a feature request at the link below:

I hope that turns out well.

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