Converting layout for wordpress (style.css error)

I can’t believe you guys don’t give a disclaimer that your layouts are not compatible with wordpress, when its the most world recognized website platform that most people will be purchasing for.

That aside, I have found it will cost $100+ to have it professionally converted. Do you offer any resources to assist in the conversion? I definitely wasn’t planning to pay $130 for a $30 template and would appreciate if you guys could assist.

$80+ is the cost you will find for conversion to anyone that is experiencing this issue. This company appears to do little to assist, so the options seem to be to bite the bullet for conversion cost or choose a new theme.

I think you just got confused. They provide Wordpress templates and standard web site templates based on bootstrap. So you have chosen the wrong template. I admit that I find Colorlib pages a bit unclear too so I’m not surprised that you made the wrong choice.

Hey there

I’m sorry but, it’s very clear on the page where you made the purchase, the fact that its an HTML template is mentioned on the page, it’s not listed as a WordPress theme.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can offer in this case

Please point out to me where it specifies either that it is html or that it is not compatible with wordpress? Or was it something in small print and easily missed during checkout? I haven’t looked up my receipt.

Beyond that I don’t see anything clearly stated, the example preview you provide to view is on a wordpress site! You can clearly see the logo, which further would lead someone to believe it was compatible.

So, while I DID clearly make the wrong purchase I feel more like I was misled opposed to confused.


I really don’t like arguing on such a thing but there are more than enough mentions that its a website template and not WordPress, why judge only by website icon when there are plenty of description right on the page, that favicon is only for the site that is hosting the template:

we are not forcing anyone to use our items but little attention is needed everywhere, you may raise a refund from your bank account if you cant use the template


I’m not trying to argue. I actually wanted to hear your explanation/justification for a situation were I felt wronged. I apologize if it came off hostile. I’m trying to prove a point and save others avoidable hassle if possible. I will not comment on your site beyond this comment.

Seeing the word template does not outright tell anyone that it cannot be used on wordpress. You can argue that people should do more research, but it is undeniable that you could easily put a disclaimer, but choose not to.

I think you have an unsavory reason not to. It is obvious by looking at other posts others have suffered this same “misunderstanding” (aka arguable misleading) so you could step up as a business to ensure it doesnt happen again or you can continue to argue what you have done is adequate, though there is irrefutable proof that it isn’t.

I understand as I said before you can initiate a refund process if you want, but please consider, there are only 1 or 2 % of the people with this problem, major part of our users reads the description and they know what they are purchasing

Thanks in advance