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Hi there, I asked about getting rid of the “Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress” at the bottom and I was told to use this realtime find and replace plugin. It is not working and their support said that I have to match the code perfectly to edit. When looking at the copyright section in the inspector there is a ton of blank spacing and such. Could you guys help me figure out what the exact search criteria is?
I attached 2 photos:
1- has the realtime code i entered
2- is the inspector.
Below- pasted the realtime find and replace code i put in

Copyright 2017 and Patent Pending Theme by "
" Powered by "

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To achieve this just download the child theme shared in this reply

That custom child theme of Activello theme that contains following custom code in the functions.php file so just edit the text in this file to whatever you want to.

function custom_activello_footer_info() {
global $activello_footer_info;
  printf( esc_html__( 'Theme by %1$s Powered by %2$s', 'activello' ) , '<a href="" target="_blank">Colorlib</a>', '<a href="" target="_blank">WordPress</a>');

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Hi, I already have a child theme and have a function.php and just added the function from the other over. It seems to not change anything. I included a picture of my code before and after. I reverted it back to the original function. I did add an add_function also at one point thinking i needed to call the function, but got the same outcome. I even just altered a few letters in the original function to see if that would change anything. I think I must be using the printf() wrong. I need your guru wisdom.

You have just declared the custom function in the functions.php file of your child theme but you have to also call it from footer.php file of child theme which you will find in following child theme so just download the child theme and extract footer.php file from it to use in your child theme.